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Bullshit and Half A Dozen Eggs

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Wedding vows are supposed to be for life. But when Kath is faced with divorce on her 15th wedding anniversary, life as she knew it changes and her world falls apart, leaving her a broken woman. Based on a true story, she finds little comfort when basic household services are cut off to the family home and the bank account is emptied, meaning she faces a bleak future. Following years of mental abuse, she sinks to her lowest point before finally finding the strength and courage to wake up and fight for survival. This self-help style book follows her journey as she battles through each day, offering encouragement for other women like her to start over and do something about it.

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Bullshit & Half A Dozen Eggs

The Return


I’m on chapter 8 & hooked & captivated.... I need to keep reading!! X

Kelly Michaelides,

Santander Uk 

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About the Author

An experienced director with a proven history of working in the industry. A strong contender in business development, she set up and runs several businesses. 

After suffering from domestic abuse, Suzannah was inspired to share her story with others, for there is life after the divorce tunnel. She attempted to write the book 9 years ago in order to provide evidence to the solicitor of the abuse she encountered. When she read it back she realised it could help others in the same situation. In denial about being mentally and financially abused, in the beginning, it served a therapeutic benefit getting it down on paper.

Not the type of subject many in the same situation would dare write about, as time went on she began to learn about domestic abuse and what causes people to treat others like this. While she can’t stop it happening to others, her focus and energy can be applied in working to overcome the trauma and damage done to herself, which is something she can control. Suzannah has refused to let it beat her. In the process, she is testimony to the fact others can get through it and come out on the other side. 






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